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Firearms for Dummies Firearms for Dummies

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Oh wow aren't you cool because you know a lot about guns. Most people don't care whether a flash is using a Desert Eagle or not. A gun is a gun, and a Desert Eagle happens to be a very generic looking gun. It's not a matter of imagination, it's a matter of a Desert Eagle looking like a gun. If you draw a Glock or something, people are going to wonder "Why does that gun look so weird?" You don't critisize people for always drawing a Cadillic looking car or Nike looking shoes.. People cut corners in cartoons to easily represent things that other people can identify. So just get over yourself dude. We'll still think you're just as cool if you keep your mouth shut.

The-Vest responds:

A Desert Eagle is about least "generic looking" handgun out there, and it's not a matter of cutting corners if they take the time and effort to perfect drawing it and write "Desert Eagle" on the side. They're making a statement. All I'm saying is switch it up a bit for the sake of originality. Say something constructive next time.

What Time Is It? What Time Is It?

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That was hilarious! I wish I could be weird creative like that.

Car Game Car Game

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Keep at it

One thing I learned the hard way is that there are not very many people who appreciate actionscript on Newgrounds. It's all about content. You can check my submissions, and you see I got a 1.9 on my first one, and then added some sound and graphics and pulled a 3.6 on my second. Don't bother submitting your hard work unless it's something that programmers and non-programmers will enjoy, otherwise it will get eaten alive. Nice scripting with your stick guys, btw. I hope to see more soon.

spike76 responds:

It's true... well I've got movies in the making too, and a real GAME with content to it. Hope I get popular!

Destroy Hulkamania Destroy Hulkamania

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That was great. Don't listen to what the losers who don't get it may say.